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Home Cooked Meal - Istanbul
Enjoy a meal with a Turkish family    
Learn about the local customs and traditions
Taste Turkey's national beverage in a teahouse    
Try a Turkish water pipe and chat with the locals 
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Architectural Tour –‘In the footsteps of Sinan’    

A versatile builder, engineer and city planner, Mimar Sinan was the chief architect for Sultan Suleyman in the 16th century. He built the domes and minarets of Mosques that still  silhouette the city to this day. There are several tour choices (see below) to view some of the 350 buildings, mosques, hammams, bridges, caravanserais that were built by Sinan, located in Istanbul. 

Excursion 1 - From Besiktas to Üsküdar...
Excursion 2 - From Sultanahmet to Kadırga...
Excursion 3 - Eyüp...
Excursion 4 - From Eminönü to Azapkapı...
Excursion 5 - From Edirnekapı to Fatih...
Excursion 6 - From Haseki to Topkapı...
Excursion 7 - Aqueducts...                                                                                                          

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Urban Gastronomy Tours

Take your taste buds on a walking tour far beyond the standard tourist fare.
Spend the day eating your way around the backstreet of some of Istanbul’s most interesting neighborhoods in the Fatih District.

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Art Gallery Tours 

Istanbul has experienced an explosion in contemporary art with galleries 
emerging in spaces that are sometimes tricky to find. These three hour walking tours are in a choice of neighborhoods:  Nisantasi-Akaretler,  Galatasaray- Galata, Tophane – Karakoy and Siraselviler - Cihangir.

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Photo Tour  

From the fisherman along the Galata Bridge to the streets and alleys of the Taksim Area, Istanbul is one of the most photogenic cities in the world! Learn useful tips and techniques while exploring the backstreets of Istanbul with professional photographers.  

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Jewish Heritage Tour                                                                                                         

Istanbul is still home to a community of Sephardic Jews who were welcomed into Istanbul following their expulsion from Spain in the 15th Century. On a guided tour you can visit the original disembarkation site, a number of important synagogues and a museum charting 500 years of Turkish Jewish history. 

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Wine and its History in Turkey

The quality and variety of Turkish Wines has been improving steadily over recent years. Rather than the usual wine tasting experience, the tours begin with a visit to the Archaeological Museum, home to wine related artefacts dating back to 6000 BC. Once the historical part is done, the tour moves to a wine bar where you can judge Turkish wine for yourself with a local wine tasting session.

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For further information, prices and reservations for the above tours, please send an email to: info@mktravelagencyandmedicalservicesinturkey.com

Shopping Tours

In addition to the numerous historical sites that are found in Istanbul, this is a shoppers' paradise!  This crossroads of civilizations was the final stop on the legendary Silk Road trading route and its merchandise continues to dazzle, with treasures waiting to be discovered.

The Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çarisi)                                                                      

The sheer volume of stores and goods can be staggering to the first-time visitor to the Grand Bazaar with its over 4,000 shops and hans (workshops). Unfortunately, most tourists do not have the time or language skills to seek the best bargains  For the ultimate shopping experience, MK Travel Agency staff are available to help you find the best mementos of your visit to Turkey.

The Egyptian (Spice) Bazaar (Misir Çarsisi) 

The Bazaar, located at the southern end of the Galata Bridge, is filled with the fragrance of exotic spices, dried fruits and seeds, lokum (Turkish delight) and wonderful surprises. There are many shops now that sell jewelry as well as other touristic goods.

Shopping Malls

Istanbul is home to over 93 shopping  malls! From the high-end boutiques of Nisantasi and the Malls in Levent (Kanyon), Etiler (Akmerkez) and Istinye (Istinye Park),  and Zincerlikoyu (Zorlu Center) there are Malls to cater to everybody’s  shopping desires.   

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